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Russian Girls Dating: How to Make One Fall for You

1000Lovers - meet cute Russian girls for marriageRussian girls are unlike other women you’ve dated. They are very special and should be treated as such. Their culture greatly influences their kindness, femininity, morals and values so a man seeking a Russian lady must tweak his approach to achieve the desired results. Anyone can do well when corresponding online but when it comes time to meet face to face, you must get her to fall for you. Here’s how. 

Court and Romance

There is confusion about male and female roles with Western women while they are very clear with Russian girls dating. They require courting, wooing and they will notice if you miss a beat. To avoid this, plan to pick her up and bring her home, always open the door for her, help her with her coat, pull out her chair and stand when she stands when dining out. In other words, be the ultimate gentleman.

Make the Most of Subtle Physical Contact

Subtle physical contact like a light touch on the shoulder or briefly holding hands radiates warmth which draws two people closer and more importantly, lets a woman know you are romantically interested in her. Although it is important not to overdo it, test the waters and go from there. It is never too soon to start building intimacy. 

Avoid False Impressions

Always be yourself. You don’t have to act like a high roller or portray an entirely different personality because you are seeing a Russian cute beauty. Russian girls, like all other women, want a relationship with a kind, honest man and also understand that men have flaws. The thing that is most important to them is being with a man who wants to be with them. In fact, nothing is more special or exciting for a Russian woman than the prospect of marrying a Western gentleman.

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